My Crochet Story

It was that time of my life when everything was going in every stupid possible direction. I was frustrated, annoyed and depressed. Why you may ask ? Because…

enjoy_life_by_beyondtheview-d4mkzgz (1)

Taking admission in Medical Lab technology after trying for MBBS proved to be a very wrong decision of my life. Sure I was excited to be in the vicinity of doctors, the lab work, rotations…all seemed very promising from the surface.

Then when I started to live it day in and day out, I didn’t find myself happy about it. Somehow I felt, misplaced. All this wasn’t what I expected it to be or was I wrong in the first place ? Too many questions bubbling up inside me. Tension was rising day by day. My colleagues too….were in denial. They all weren’t happy about it but they said it is the only way ! I couldn’t get my head around this. Clearly I wanted something else as the delusion of medical studies broke. I lost interest in biology, biochemistry…..eventually everything.

I was resenting every second of it but what I wanted was still unclear. Being annoyed at small things, grumpy, irascible was the normal “me”. My family became victim of my tantrums. One day, younger brother raised concern about my behavior and negative attitude. Naturally I brushed him off !

More days went by and I started introspection. Came to know medical wasn’t the right field for me despite its promising career. I wanted to study Islam. Not for a career or name but for myself. I didn’t know much about Islam or its values. I wanted to learn it just so for my own life. Accepting and breaking this news to my mother and eldest brother wasn’t easy, took a year to accept it in front of myself ! Having the support of younger brother, I gathered courage and finally told them … phew. It was nothing. I was afraid for no reason. I dropped medical college and bid farewell to my colleagues forever Β πŸ™‚

Now came the time to apply and when I got to know about it, admissions in university were closed. So I had to wait till next year. What to do all year-long came the next sensible question ?Β Facebook was new to me (Yeah go judge my ignorance, wasn’t allowed till intermediate). ANywhooo….I was in a group where a girl used to share her finished crochet items. They were so damn gorgeous ! :O

Curious, I asked her how did she make it ? She told me its called crochet (I didn’t even know such a thing existed ! ) andΒ it’s very easy to learn. She said I can guide you if you’re interested. WOW she was so cool ! :B Adamant not to waste my time while waiting for admission, I said BRING IT ON YO !!

Told my mother I need a ball of yarn and a hook, she took me to local market and I bought my first ever crochet supply ! πŸ˜€ My mother was of different opinion though. She said I’ll be only wasting money and time. Excitement was rocketing high, her remark made me more determined to prove otherwise !

That girl sent me basic tutorial link on YouTube of Bobwilson123 and Naztazia. They taught it with such clarity and ease I understood right away and tried my first piece of square. Though it came out all tangent and wobbly. πŸ˜›


This twisted wobbly piece that my hands created gave me a new sense of confidence that I can crochet. Now I can crochet any thing I want ! From scarfs, beanies, afghans, baby sweaters, shoes and bags etc. The list goes on. Its a form of expression…an art. Creating things out of nothing feels like a power yet humbling.


Since 2012 to 2017, its been the most gratifying growing journey of my life. Crochet has made me a better person. Long gone were the days of depression, anger and tantrums since I picked up my hook. Got admission in university at the end of that year and never ever regretted my decision to leave medical ! Many people come and tell me that I made a bad choice leaving such a promising career. They don’t know how one thing can be good for one yet bad for other πŸ™‚ Many students choose medical just out of peer pressure and it makes them a bitter person most of the time. Now I don’t have anything against medical. I love studying new science researches, watching documentaries but I do encourage to find whats right for you !

Though I still had ups and downs in my chosen field of education and I still consider myself a humble student of Islam. I can only talk for myself. It is a subject of whole life. My knowledge is just a drop of a vast ocean. Had I not taken that decision, I’d not have found my passion for crochet. Thanks to that lady in group…she was a true inspiration ! I am grateful for that time of year for it made me who I am today πŸ™‚


This is how I found crochet or crochet found me ?
Sure you’ve a story to tell too ! Share in the comments below πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “My Crochet Story

  1. I am impressed,the way you make your time productive…and how you learn a skill just through vedio…
    Keep discovering your self..
    Happy learning

    Liked by 1 person

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