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Women in Boots – Chapter Shogran

Didn’t I tell you I love to travel ? I just want to do it all the time, LITERALLY. Though I never have money to fulfill this crazy dream of mine :/


One lucky day I was scrolling through FaceBook sluggishly and saw a post shared by my friend saying ” Share picture which shows beauty of Pakistan and WIN A FREE TRIP”. She was participating and shared the post due to compulsory term of competition. Promoted &  sponsored by Stylo Shoes pakistan, since its a well established brand name I trusted it to be real enough.
Win a free trip !?? Hell yeah !

Curiously, I sent in one of my travel picture where I’m standing on Babusar top and shared the post on my profile keeping privacy public. I’ve never won any competition so naturally wasn’t expecting to win. After three days, again scrolling through facebook saw a post by Stylo showing winner’s name and my name was ON IT ! :O It can’t be ! I read again….this time pinching myself to clear wether I was dreaming or not. Turned out to be a reality 😀 WHoohooooo I won !

As asked, sent in my information and waited for them to contact. One day passed, okay they might be busy, another day went by…oh its nothing, another day after that went by still no contact. Was it a joke ? Doubting reality. O_O  By night, buried myself in house chores to avoid thinking about it. Phone rings up. I pick up the call and on other end was a girl from Tripkar (Organizers of WIB’17 project) confirming the whole trip and telling its plan. It was a four day trip taking us to Shogran, Naran, Saiful Muluk Lake . There were other girls who got selected via campuses. As soon I put down phone I literally did a happy dance and ran to tell my brother…..Boy oh boy I’m going north ! 😀


*Goody bags containing snacks, chocolates and peanuts before we left 😛 Plus Backpacks with raincoats.

We left on the night of 27th April. All the girls and management were so friendly and cooperative, soon we all became friends though remembering so many names was hard. Through the night we played Antaakshiri (singing song game). No one was ready to sleep but were told to sleep a little as we had a big day planned for us. Reached Islamabad around 5ish and picked Samar Khan (national cyclist & athlete). After few hour drive we reached Abbotabad to have breakfast in Hotel Demanchi. They served us lavish breakfast, though I got nauseated and couldn’t eat well. There they gave us waterproof Jackets. SO MUCH FREE STUFF ! Could be more real ???


After breakfast we continued our journey leaving city of mountains behind us, enjoying the views of Muzaffarabad, we started gaining elevation. With elevation my nausea kicked in and I started vomiting badly. Again, all the girls were extremely helpful they stopped the bus for me to get fresh air and provided me with medicine and genuine loving care. A big shout to all of you peeps !! ❤

Switched to Jeeps to go further up Shogran. Man it was very adventurous yet risky drive. Thank God we were all in one piece. Snow-capped mountains of Sharaan and cool wind took away all the tiredness. We got our rooms in Lalazar Hotel. Ooh the rooms were super dope ! Comfy bed, sofas, LCD, bathrooms with hot water and a goddamn balcony ! :O After an hour of getting fresh and changing clothes, we ate yummiest lunch evaar .
Weather was getting chilly and cloudy, couldn’t go Siri paye. A trainer from SHE organized an ice breaking session and everybody got so emotional by listening each other stories. It broke the all the wrong “first impressions” we had of each other. This bonding led us to arrange a movie night there. We watched Moana.

DSC_1893              IMG_3469

Next day we bid farewell to amazing staff of Lalazar Hotel and yummy food ! They destroyed our tummies like our mothers. We were supposed to trek down via Jeep trek but as it was on way someone suggested to go through forest as it’ll offer more scenic vistas. Little did we know, it hasn’t been used since last 2-3 years. It offered fabulous views and challenged us by a landslide which no one knew about since this trek is not in use anymore.


                               Malakundi Forest which is spread across 250 acres.

Many girls got scared to death because landslide was a massive one and there was nothing to hold on to. A real life death situation I never imagined I’d face. Samar Khan, Areej Javaid and I decided to help cross girls. It was indeed the noblest team work I experienced ! Samar Khan was indeed a reckoning motivation for us all. Everyone was comforting each other. Girls were taking out snacks and water from backpacks to share .


After surviving through that, finally got the jeep and sent down as many girls as we could. Though five of us decided to complete the trek and we DID THE WHOLE 16km trek ! *Level points rise up* But man our legs were screaming so bad and then we dipped them in Kunhar river. Cold water worked like magic and refreshed us in seconds !


   Victory !


To be continued…


7 thoughts on “Women in Boots – Chapter Shogran

  1. Congratulations on the blog Khadija! Looks brilliant MashaAllah! I’ve never won anything in my life let alone a trip this scenic. I have traveled though… extensively!
    💕 I’m enjoying your adventures please keep them coming

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I must say.. it’s beautifully written.. (y)
    expressing what you feel.. is something that requires practice. 🙂
    you already have this quality. 🙂
    keep writing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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