Crochet Tree of Life – Summer Project

Lets crack the pattern of Tree of Life Afghan shall we ?


Usually I like to make beanies and cowls but there are times when I like to make something else and that something else turns out to be blankets. My first ever crocheted blanket was Cabin in the Woods Afghan which I started in winter’s vacation (I was studying back then) hoping to finish it in a week, looking forward to wear it in the same winters *HAHAA* and it took me whole year ! Even though I was quite great at crochet still it took me so much time to complete and I  was having roller coasters of emotions about it. After that I made another afghan on Noah Ark’s theme and finished it in 4-5 months *Woot woot victory 😀

So this time I’ve decided to start my Tree of Life afghan in summers with another crocheter who unfortunately gets very little time to crochet as she has kids. I , on the other hand being single, is sincerely committed to my yarn and hooking 😉

I started this project in March with the intention to have it done just in time for winters. I’ve completed first two sections of the pattern i.e trees and flower garden section respectively. Even being an intermediate to experienced crocheter, I faced few bumps & hiccups here and there. Looking online, I came to know there is no blog post or tutorial about it explaining those hiccups which crocheters like me might face. Here are few close ups I found in google. By no means I own these pictures.



I’ll be adding good pictures in the future with more clarity but you might have to make do with these for now. 🙂

The tree of life afghan pattern calls for Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Yarn which I can not buy here in Pakistan for time being so I had to substitute with local yarn. The Wool Ease Yarn is 4-ply worsted weight yarn and I found the substitute Dove Yarn.


I got four packets of this yarn each containing five balls. Its an acrylic yarn and there is no other detail about it. Not even how much yard it contains. Went with dark plum color instead of creams or browns.


Skill Level:  Experienced

Size: One Size – About 44 x 56 inch

Gauge:  15 sts + 14 rows = 4 inch over pattern stitches. Be sure to check your gauge if you’re substituting yarn. Go up a hook size if it takes you more stitches & rows, Go down a hook size if it take you less stitches and rows.

Stitches: All the stitches are explained in the pattern. Feel free to ask in the comments if you have any trouble about it 🙂

Changes That I Made: The pattern calls for single crochet and double crochet. Since I hate doing single crochet as it takes ages to complete anything, I’ve changed the single crochet in pattern to half double crochet. What has happened in doing so is that my afghan started growing much faster than it would have in single crochet.  You’re free to follow the pattern as it is or change as you wish 🙂

Though I will be referring to pattern as it is to avoid any confusions.

Second change I made is I added another tree by doing extra chains in the beginning. I wanted to make it bit larger both in width and length.

The pattern seems daunting at first but reading it thoroughly once or twice before starting makes it pretty understandable. It is divided in two big and one small sections. The first section is “Trees Pattern” which is shown both in chart and written form. The chart can help in visualizing the written instructions.
The second section is the small one called “The Divider Pattern” which is only in written form & comes in between Tree and Flower Garden section.
The third section is “Flower Garden” which is shown both in chart and written form.

Afghan pattern is written in the end of pattern which are few simple instructions while referring back to Trees, Divider and Flower Garden sections respectively.

The whole afghan is a one single continuous pattern and there is no attachment of panels whatsoever. This eliminates the fuss of attaching and darning in millions of yarn ends.


With large hook ( 6mm ), chain 145.

Trees pattern is multiple of 48 stitches . The pattern calls for three tree of life trees so 48×3= 144 + 1 turning chain making total of 145 chains.
*I did 193 chains to add another set of trees so 48×4= 192 + 1 turning chain making it total of 193 chains.
This way you can make your afghan as wide you want per your wishes and requirement.

ROW 1 (Right Side) : Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across – 144 or 192 sc at the end of row.

ROW 2 : Ch 1 and sc in each st across putting stitch marker in every 48th stitch. Move your markers up as work progresses and count your stitches frequently.

After Row 2, you start Trees Pattern section.

ROW 1 (Right Side): Ch1, turn *sc in next 14 sc, FPDC around next 4 sc, sc in next 12 sc,  FPDC around next 4 sc, sc in next 14 sc; repeat from * 2 more times or 3 more times.


ROW 2: Ch 1, turn, *sc in next 14 sc, BPDC around next 4 posts sts, sc in next 12 sc, BPDC around next 4 post sts, sc in next 14 sc; repeat from * 2 more times or 3 more times.

Just count and leave 4 sts behind for the front post double crochets you’ve done and continue sc from the 5th st or next st. Be sure to count your sts time to time.

ROW 3-16 : Repeat rows 1 and 2 seven times.

To be continued….


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